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Photometric measurements were taken at the Duralamp Photometric Laboratory. These measurements are performed at a room temperature equal to 25±1 °C as required by UNI EN 13032-1 - Light and lighting - Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and luminaries - Part 1.

The photometric values quoted are dependent on the optical system to which they relate, and from the light source used. In order to improve its production, the Company reserves the right to change these optical systems and consequently relative photometric data without notice.

For ease of use, the photometric supplied are shown and explained below.

On the web site the special section ''INFO TECH/Eulumdat'' provides all the photometric data in ldt. format that is also given on every product datasheet.

The photometric curves are compiled according to the ''C-γ'' international reference system, where the C0-C180 plane is perpendicular to the fixtues and the C90-C270 plane is parallel to the fixtues, as depicted in the figue. For symmetrical and rotationally symmetric fixtues therefore, a single curve is used.
All Duralamp luminaires have integrated LED sources that cannot be separated: therefore the source flux and the luminaire flux show the same value.
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